Learn CPR and Save A Life


It can happen during a friendly game of
soccer, at a store or in the office: someone collapses with a cardiac arrest.
Their heart has stopped….

It genuinely is a life-or-death situation;
speed of response can make all the difference between whether a person lives or

That’s why, in Germany, they’ve designated
September 16-22 ‘resuscitation week’ in a bid to
P72_01_Basic-Life-Support-Simulator-Basic-Billy help everyone save more lives.

Timely and effective CPR – or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, to give it its full name – rarely
restarts someone’s heart on its own, although it is vital as an emergency
procedure. The reason for performing CPR is to preserve intact brain function
and keep vital organs alive until the emergency services can restore a
heartbeat, usually with a defibrillator.

In Germany, they’re hoping to get as many as people as
possible trained and are reinforcing the message that resuscitation isn’t
– anybody can do it, and everybody can save lives.

But it does require proper training and practice, often
using a special life
support simulator
. The technique involves chest compressions at
least 5 cm (2 in) deep and at a rate of at least 100 per minute, in an effort
to create artificial circulation by manually pumping blood through the heart.

Here’s the procedure if you’re faced with a potential
cardiac arrest:

  1. Check
    No reaction from the patient? No respiration or no normal respiration?
  1. Call
    the emergency services, or arrange for another person to make the call.
  1. Press
    firmly and fast in the center of the chest, at least 100 times a minute. Do not
    stop until assistance arrives.

German health ministry calculates its campaign to raise CPR awareness amongst
the public could save some 5,000 lives a year. It is targeting schools,
universities and businesses with a road show, training days and e-learning.

Training aids
Here at 3B Scientific, we produce a number of training aids including the
popular ‘Basic Billy’ CPR manikin. It meets the latest
guidelines from the AHA (American Heart Association) and ERC (European
Resuscitation Council) on CPR and was designed with optimal force and
compression values in mind.

This anatomically correct manikin demonstrates that it’s not difficult
to save lives through correct cardiac massage and ventilation technique. Basic Billy’s head is easy to
tilt in order to open the airways for mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose resuscitation.
The chest rises as the lungs are ventilated.

ventilation is also possible and Basic Billy comes with 50 lung bags and two
additional facemasks for hygiene reasons. Low-priced disposable airways and a
convenient carrying case ensure easy care of the manikin.

Basic Billy the kid

In fact,
Basic Billy is actually two manikins in one because it can be used as either an
adult or a child (of approximate age of 12). Demonstrators simply need to use
the interchangeable springs located in the back of the trainer to give the
realistic depth feedback for either an adult (5cm) or child (4.5cm).

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