ONE Concept American Massage & Chiropractic Conference School Rally


ONE Concept American Massage & Chiropractic Conference School Rally

Before the guests arrive – look at all those gift baskets!

Earlier this week, we were thrilled to host the ONE Concept American Massage & Chiropractic Conference School Rally.  We opened up our doors to a wonderful crowd of professionals all looking to get the most out of discussing their needs as practitioners.  It was a fabulous day with informative presentations from the guest speakers and lots of enthusiastic discussions.

We'd like to share some of our photographs from the day with you.

After arriving at American 3B Scientific's offices in Atlanta, GA, all the delegates enjoyed getting to know one another over tea, coffee and muffins.  Scott Dartnall from ONE Concept American Massage & Chiropractic Conference welcomed everyone to the event.  On behalf of 3B Scientific, Miles Sprott, took the opportunity to welcome everyone to American 3B Scientific.


Scott Dartnell at American 3B Scientific

Scott Dartnell from ONE Concept American Massage & Chiropractic Conference starts the day

The day's first speaker was Anne William, Director of Education for ABMP.  She spoke about the changing student patterns and the need for standardized education throughout the U.S.


Anne Williams from ABMP

Anne Williams, Director of Education for ABMP, captivating the crowd

The President and Founder of Kent Health Systems, David Kent, explained the importance of his postural and trigger point charts and the benefits they add to the curriculum.


American 3B Scientific Massage Therapy

Dr. Hoda working during a break











Terry Russell Massage Therapy Product Manager

Our wonderful American 3B Scientific Massage Therapy Product Manager, Terry Russell, with the effervescent Katria Fuller













The Networking Lunch, provided by our wonderful team at American 3B Scientific, was a great opportunity to swap ideas and mull over the topics covered during the morning session. 


American 3B Scientific

The Networking Lunch was a great success – even our friend Stan Skeleton wanted to join in!


The afternoon session after lunch opened with a fascinating talk by CG Funk, Vice President of Industry Relations & Product Development for Massage Envy.  CG discussed new trends and the concerns within the massage industry.


American 3B Scientific Massage Therapy

'Gentle Ben' Glosson belping Lorna Pasinato make it through the afternoon

We were enthralled to hear from Dr.Eric Plasker, the author and founder of Living and Practicing the 100 Year Lifestyle.  Dr. Plasker gave a moving account of how we can all make the most of every day on our journey to 80, 90, 100 years and beyond.


The day ended with a closing talk given by Monica Pasinato-Forchielli of ONE Concept.


American 3B Scientific

Joan Nichols accepts one of the gift baskets for the schools












After the applause for the speakers and as the day drew to a close, each school received a gift basket full of complimentary products that the sponsors had chosen to donate.  Each attendee also received a 'swag bag' full of goodies as well!  The sponsors' support of the day was integral to it's success and we were delighted that American 3B Scientific could be a part of such an enjoyable and educational event along with: Bon Vital, Soothing Touch, Biotone, Ceramic Wonder, Core Products, Angel Feathers, Biofreeze, Cryoderm, China Gel, Bamboo Fusion, Massage Warehouse, Massage Magazine, WR Medical.

We'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the day.  It was fantastic to meet so many of you and we hope you enjoyed hearing from everyone as much as we did. Do let us know if you spot yourself in any of our photos or you can share your own photos of the day with us on our Facebook page.

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  • Wow that really seems like a good place for the owner of Sunset Park Massage Supplies, to attend. Stephanie has been serving the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years, with massages and massage supplies. Many local schools come to the store just to get some industry insight from her and she does not charge for industry knowledge. We have plans to grow the company to be able to open our doors to therapists who don’t have a regular or an affordable office to rent as well as traveling teachers. When is the next conference?

    Jay Reply

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