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Community libraries have taken a blow over recent years.  The internet and modern technology has seen a dramatic change in how we source our daily news, research information and literature.

However, despite an initial decline in community support, some libraries are bouncing back with creative and practical ideas to boost their visitor numbers.

Libraries are not just about books, they're about communities and ideas. The Circle Library, in Carshalton, England, is trialling a service that will see the library turn into a health center for 4 days.  Health Professionals will offer a health check service at the library that will provide advice about weight loss, heart disease and healthy lifestyles.  Blood pressure and cholesterol checks will also be on offer.  

Libraries are no longer confined to four walls built from bricks and mortar and many have become mobile to better reach the people who need their services most.

Little Free LibraryThe Little Free Library initiative was set up in Wisconsin by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks.  It aims to build a sense of community and a love of reading.  These creative little book-houses inspire communities to share their 'best reads' with everyone, young and old alike.  Children's books, detective novels, cookery books, how-to manuals, science books .. all have a place at The Little Free Library.  By encouraging people to take a look at free books by the road side, the organisers hope that it will encourage people to explore more extensive book collections at their local libraries.  There are now over 800 Little Free Libraries in 28 States.. 12 are in Georgia.  They can also be found in a number of different countries - click here to see a map of where to find Little Free Libraries.


Paper Creation


If you like a good 'mystery' novel ..then you'll like this!  

In March 2011 an incredible miniature book creation was left anonymously on a table in the Scottish Poetry Library. It was carved from paper, modelled with intricate detail and mounted on a book.  

Initially, the creation was thought to be one-of-a-kind, until another was found in the National Library of Scotland with a tag that read "A gift, in support of libraries, books, words, ideas… (& against their exit)."  

The creations continued to turn up in a variety of library locations in Scotland but, to this day, no one is sure who their creator is!

You can see more of these mysterious paper sculptures here

We think our friend Stan (the skeleton) would approve of the one below.. what do you think?

Skeleton Paper Model

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