Stan Skeleton Turns Out To Be A Girl!

Ms. Amber Riddle, a 7th Grade Science Teacher and Softball Coach at Hawley High School in Texas, was certainly surprised when our team got in touch.  It was great to tell her that she had won a full size 3B Scientific Skeleton, worth $299.00, for her class!

Ms. Riddle attended the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teachers (CAST) that took place November 17-19 in Dallas, Texas.  Her name was randomly chosen from the many entries to our sweepstake to win Stan the Skeleton!

Ms Riddle said that her students were as excitd as she was to hear that hey had won and eagerly awaited their prize.

When the magnificent 3B Skeleton arrived, Ms. Riddle's students were quick to decide that it was a girl and promptly named her "Skulletta"!


Ms. Riddle said, "We all really enjoyed talking about the specific bones as we put her together .. A big discussion took place on which arm went on which side."  Clearly the students were very enthusiastic at having a new 'class-mate' .. so excited, in fact, that they decided to dress Skulletta in one of Ms. Riddle's softball uniforms!

Our 3B Scientific Skeleton couldn't have arrived at a better time as Ms.Riddle and her students are due to start learning about the human body shortly.



Ms. Riddle was grateful for the opportunity to bring anatomy and science to life with the aid of Skulletta the 3B Scientific Skeleton and said, "Thanks for doing this remarkable thing for my classes!"

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