Beauty Queen’s secret to weight-loss

Let's face it, trying to lose weight can be a daunting prospect but if you've been significantly overweight since childhood, you've got a battle on your hands.

So, here's a cheery tale of the little girl who fought obesity from the age of 10 and grew up to be the latest Miss South Carolina.. and is on her way to becoming Miss America.

22 year old, Bree Boyce has lost a staggering 110lbs over the last 3 years.  She has struggled with her weight since piling on the pounds from the age of seven.  At 234lbs she had begun to suffer the sort of health problems that would mean frequent doctors visits and a restricted lifestyle.  Her doctor warned her that her weight was causing her knees and joints to suffer and drastic action needed to be taken. Breeboycefacebook

This was the wake-up call that Bree needed. She made the decision to start eating healthy and nutritious, portion controlled meals and incorporated physical activity into her daily routine.  She even chose to start her day at 5.30am and took up running!

After years of 'yo yo' dieting, Bree says she is thrilled to have achieved her weight loss goals. Winning the Miss South Carolina title has been an amazing achievement and she is delighted to be given the opportunity to broadcast her platform of 'Eating Healthy and Fighting Obesity'. Bree hopes very much to be able to meet First Lady, Michele Obama, and discuss her own work in reducing childhood obesity.

Bree keeps her advice to others simple: perseverance, determination and hard work will see you achieve your goals.


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